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Reviewed in Rockit Reports Read review in Rockit Reports


There are few moments in life that can compare to the thrill of meeting someone unlike you've ever known, someone with a unique charm and beauty that blows your mind. Ladies who join Universe Club adore the company of experienced and successful men.

The gentlemen who sign up at Univers Club are unabashed admirers of beautiful women and excel in providing the means for exciting new adventures.

Both the men and women of Universe Club have one thing in common... the desire for freedom.

The ladies may desire financial freedom, the gentlemen the freedom that a guit-free, no-strings attached relationship offers.

Gentlemen, enjoy passion and adventure with the pretty young women of Japan. Even one date will leave a smile on your face and an unforgettable experience to remember forever.

Our services are aimed at those select few who choose to embrace life. It is for your pleasure that we present the private profiles of ladies who will show you flavors of life you may have forgotten, and new ones you've never even tasted.


That moment of passion, once again...

At Universe Club, our promise is to provide a way for members to comfortably and confidently meet exciting, uninhibited women. Here's how it works:

From students to secretaries, nurses, beauticians and stewardesses, even models, actresses, there are all types of women using the Universe network.
Portraits of our female members are taken in our professional studio. We ask that they present themselves with the style and make-up that they always wear. We do absolutely no retouching or editing so that when you meet for the first time she appears as seen on her profile.
At Universe Club, it's not solely about outward appearances. We take into consideration every aspect of the women through an interview process and detailed profiling.
Universe is constantly admitting new female members, and the profiles always reflect the most recent and updated information.
Our members can quickly and easily send a request at the time of their choosing. No need for phone calls.