Membership Info

Membership Info.

Member Requirements

Proof of Age 18-40

We only accept members over 18 years old. At Universe Club we like our members to be mentally and physically confident, ambitious, and sensible. We also like that members stick to their promised schedules as much as possible. At the time of registration we require valid identification with a photo.

Application and Registration

Business hours

Persons interested can fill out an application form here. When that is completed and received we will ask you to come to our office for a consultation and if you like then to proceed to registration. On the day of registration we will ask you to take a few photos in our photo studio that will then be uploaded to your network profile. Only members can view the profile pages.

If you have any questions prior to applying, please see our FAQ page.

Member Profile Photos

Free! No Hidden Charges

On the same day as your registration to Universe Club, we will take photos for your profile. We have a professional stylist and photographer who are here to advise you on how to make a great photo.

The registration and photo shoot takes approximately 1 hour so please leave time open on the day that you come. Note that only members can view profile pages.

Member's page

The Universe Club member’s site can be viewed by PC and Mobile phone. On the members page you can view the status of date offers and date history.

Universe Club Membership

For persons who want to register, please fill out the required information on the application form below.

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