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Membership Application

First, we ask that you fill out our membership application form. After we receive it we will ask you to visit our office for a short interview.

*We will often want to take photos for your member profile which in our professional photo studio so we ask that you please dress appropriately.


Membership Consultation

To fully explain how the club works we will ask applicants to visit our office for a brief consultation. If our club is of interest and the applicant would like to join we will begin the registration process. There is a short survey that will help us build your profile. We also ask that you bring an official form of identification that bears your photo, such as a driver’s license or passport.

We also operate a make-up and photo studio at our office. Registering applicants will have a few photos taken to be used in their profile, which is only able to be viewed by other members.


Access to Members Page

After registering as a member we will create your profile and give you an ID and password to access to our network. On the network you can see the status of offers for dates and other details.



At Universe Club we refer to dates as ‘settings’. When a new offer for a setting comes in, a notification will automatically be sent to you. After reviewing the offered day, time, and place you can respond with your answer. We ask that you reply to offers within 24 hours.


Setting Confirmation

24 hours after a male member has sent a request for a date and the date is agreed upon by the female member, Universe Club will send a notification to both members. In the case that the female member does not accept the request we will not send a notification.


The Day of the Date

Universe Club goes as far as helping to arrange the meeting between both parties, but the actual date, such as where you will go and how long you will stay together, is entirely up to you. Feel free to let your partner know your schedule and your preferences.

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