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Become a Tokyo sugar baby, find your sugar daddy. Never experienced affairs, excitement? We provide safe access to motivated executive gentleman.
Best Practice That moment of pasion, onece again...
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We had 65 new gentlemen registered to our club in April.
Total Gentlemen all over Japan:1,739 members(Number of active members)
We had 90 new gentlemen registered to our club in March.
Total Gentlemen all over Japan:1,725 members(Number of active members)

We had 788 new lovely lady's from all over Japan who have registered to our club in March.
Total Ladies all over Japan:5,207 members(Number of active members)


That passionate feeling, once again...

Thank you for visiting Universe Club. We are an elite members only social club serving to match clients with the most desirable partners. We take care of the hard part, so that you don’t waste your precious time and energy searching for that special someone with whom to spend a casual evening or even a lifetime.

  • Our Male Members

    We have a large network of fascinating and motivated men, all with various reasons for wanting a new thrill in their life. There are all sorts of talented and wealthy men on our network, all looking for the pleasure of female companionship.

  • Quality

    Universe Club’s provides a special service to the type of men who aren’t interested in a mere escort service. Our members pay a membership fee as well as a fee for every opportunity to meet with one of our female members. This means that a good many of our members are wealthy and very motivated to take care of the woman they choose to date.

  • Security

    Universe Club holds a personal interview with each of our members, both men and women. We do this in order to get to know who we are servicing and, of course, for added security. We strictly require identification from every member and we hold it on record.

  • Systematic

    Unlike other social clubs that require phone calls and texts to arrange dates, Universe Club has introduced a state of the art online system that automatically alerts you when a male member is interested in offering a date.

  • VIP

    With a whole host of VIP and Executive class members, we are confident that you will meet the special sort of man you have never met before.

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