Universe Club Membership Policy

Universe Club Membership Policy

Membership Requirements

  • You must have stable work and be able to share the real name and contact info with us, while having enough capability to behave in a gentle manner both financially and mentally.
  • Universe Club is an exclusive Members Only club in Sapporo, Sendai, Omiya, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka, to cover nationwide.

Dating arrangements

  • At the time of the schedule confirmation, as the setting occurs, you’ll have to pay the setting fee by the day of the date.
  • In case the woman cannot go on a date under extenuating circumstances, we will re-schedule the meeting on a different day.
    As an option, we can also offer a new setting with another woman at your request.
  • Please be sure to exchange contact info each other after going on the first, if you prefer to have a further relationship with her in the future.

Concerning cancellations

  • In principle, cancellation fees won’t occur even if the male members cancel any dating schedules at the last minute.
  • If the female member cancelled the date, you could either request a date with another woman on a different day or cancel the setting for the future.
    If the woman cancelled the date either at the last minute or on the scheduled day based on the reason deemed malicious, we would immediately disqualify the female member from our club.
  • In the event that the woman unilaterally calls off the scheduled date, you will have the setting fee refunded with Universe Club points.
    Please keep in mind that we do not refund in cash.
    Furthermore, we are not liable for any of the expenses that may occur on the day of the scheduled date such as a cancellation fee for a restaurant and a request for an extended service in compensation.

Prohibited acts

  • Anyone who is mentioned as follows will be automatically excluded from the club, and its membership fee having already been paid will not be refunded.
    1. Anyone the club deems inappropriate and anyone who has significantly undermined the credibility of the club
    2. Anyone who threats or harasses any of the female members such as by the way of stalking or coercing them into leaving the club
    3. Anyone who attempts to misuse pictures and privacy of the female members including disseminating them on the Internet.
    4. Anyone who tries to transfer all kinds of obtainable information to a third party (including the female members) such as the membership ID and its password.
    5. Anyone who violates the law intentionally.

Member benefits

  • Please introduce your friends to our club.
    If your friend becomes an official member of the club on payment of the membership fee, we will offer special benefits to you and the friend as gratitude.
    Please ask us for the further information.


  • You have to bear all the responsibility for any of the troubles that may arise from your relationship with the woman after the first date.
  • At no time can the club meddle in relationships between men and women let alone request any services from the female members.
  • Our club policies are subject to change without notice according to relevant market trends and new regulations evolving from time to time.
  • We will not share personal data of the male and female members with authorities unless otherwise legitimately requested.
    Please note that troubles that may arise after you have met a woman will be outside of the purview of our responsibility.
  • We will do our level best to provide the male members with authentic information about the profiles of our female members.
    However, due to minor changes or corrections to their profiles incurred by situations, there would be discrepancies sometime.
    Thank you for your understanding in advance.
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