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Feedback: He was very…

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Feedback: So kind!

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Feedback: Great time…

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Feedback: He’s a sweet guy

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Feedback: Doomed to fail!

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2017/6/27 15:46 Photo

The motivated cute, sexy and good to talk to Japanese girl looking to be a companion for a foreign gentleman and t……

2017/6/27 15:34 Photo

Have a dinner date with this body perfect Japanese lady, will suite you for company in Japan. Motivated to have a ……

2017/6/12 15:18 Photo

Feedback: Very nice Gentleman

2017/6/11 18:20 Photo

Feedback: Had a great time

2017/6/5 16:11 Photo

The curvy and cute Japanese girl wanted to be led by a foreign sugar daddy at a dinner date and maybe more... Date……

2017/6/5 15:52 Photo

The sexy Japanese girl ready to give a foreign sugar daddy a exciting relationship here in Japan and more if the f……

2017/6/5 15:31 Photo

The still 18 year old cute and sexy university Japanese girl looking for a relationship with a foreign sugar daddy……

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Universe Club continues to admit new women to the network every day. Women of all ages and from all walks of life are on our network looking for thrilling and intimate encounters with the right man. Below you can see an overview of the types and preferences of our female members.

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                  Club members include university students, office workers, nurses, hair stylists, flight attendants, models, and actresses. Through our extensive and ever-expanding network of elegant women, we believe that our clients will find a companion best suited to their tastes. Register as a member today!

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