New Year Deal 2016

The campaign offer ended on 1/31. Thank you very much!

Happy New Year!

New Year Deal 2016 Description

Happy New Year!

With all of your supports, Universe Club is celebrating our 5th year anniversary.
We are grateful to our clients and customers for all of your support! We gladly announce 2 different special deals!

Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

Part1: Test out your luck! The key numbers are ..16 and 28 !

Test out your luck! Deal

It's the 2016..the year of Heisei 28th in Japanese calender.
We will pay a full setting fee back as points for those date numbers with either 16 or 28 at the last 2 digits!!

Offer Period

Monday January 4th 2016 ~ Sunday January 31st 2016 8pm
This offer is eligible to whom setting request has reached to us before January 31st @8pm.
The date has to be scheduled by Monday February 29th.
Any request after February 29th does not apply.

How to try your luck

Simply request a setting trough the web clicking by [Request setting] as usual and you are automatically subjected to this lottery.

Who will win?

For those setting number with 16 or 28 of the last 2digit of the setting number.


  • The date setting number is different from the one you see on the date request form.
  • We can not tell the setting number for the date.
  • We will notify directly to the winner.
  • It will be invalid if the date is canceled and wouldn't rescheduled by February 29th 2016.

Part2: Secret offer for Official members

This offer is especially to the official members only. Please log-in to your page and see the detail. This is another good deal! Don't miss it!

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